At Techflames we offer a convenient way to upgrade your skills. If you have an internet connection and willingness to learn then you can learn all that you need at the comfort of your home.Take a free demo before you pay for the course. An online 1-1 session empowers you to understand the subject well, freedom to clarify all your doubts with the tutor. You also get post support course for all your queries.

We are offering classes on the below technologies:

  • Ms-Office (Duration: 15 Hours) Fee: 200$.

Any money earning computer user required Ms-Office skills to work his way out. Be it making a simple document using word, or a report using excel, or a presentation to sell. This course takes you from the basics and equips you with the knowledge to master Ms-Excel, Ms-Word and Ms-PowerPoint.

  • Ms-Excel (Duration: 15 Hours) Fee:200$

Ms-Excel is the best spreadsheet application out there in the market. You might need it to get your house expenses recorded or you would use it to analyze the financial health of a company. Be it anything it is the most powerful tool only if you know the real powers it possess. This course will guide you from the scratch as to entering data into cells to creating linked formulas, charts and pivots.

  • VBA Macros for Excel (Duration: 16 Hours) Fee: 250$

Visual Basic Application for excel helps you to write your own macro code which can do wonders in Excel. With VBA you can write code to consolidate workbooks, generate graphs and pivots with just a single click. Learn the entire programming from the scratch to build complex dashboards using VBA language.

  • Ms-Access (Duration: 16 Hours) Fee: 300$

Access is the best free database available. It allows to store the data in a normalized way and huge amount of data can be queried easily with simple code. This course will educate the learner on the concepts of creating table, relationships, forms , queries and reports.

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