Sharing Screen or Remote Desktop with ease : Teamviewer & Skype

Collaboration is a common word these days and so are virtual meetings / online trainings. Few years back it was hard to imagine employees working from their home but now with dazzling internet speeds travel to work is now avoidable. I can say internet is doing a great deal to reduce pollution and letting earth stay green.

A friend of mine had trouble installing an application and he needed my help to get it done. But he lives like 30 miles away and I am not that friendly to drive such a distance to help him. But did I disappoint him no ways!! I offered him my help over internet. There are 2 good ways to view/control a remote machine using internet and I used “TEAMVIEWER” on this occassion.

TEAMVIEWER: This is how it was done using teamviewer–

1) Me and my friend has to copy this url and paste it in browser and hit enter:    �
2) Then we gotta hit the option which says “Download v7.0.12989″ { Remember v7.0… is the version. It can change after few days}
3) A dialog pops up to save or run the file. We hit run when prompted.
4) This downloads an “.exe” file and once the download is over hit “Run”. Accept the license agreement to launch teamviewer
5) On launch it throws a window with 2 sections a) Allow Remote Control and b) Control Remote Computer.
6) Now my friend gives me the random numbers (“Your Id” and “Password”) which is displayed in the first section ‘Allow Remote Control’. He sends me these details through mail or over phone.
7) I take the id and enter in the 2nd section ‘Control Remote Computer’ and hit ‘Connect to Partner’. It asks me the password and I enter the one which my friend provided. That is it!!

I am then able to see his screen and he can grant me permission to control his screen. I then fix any issues on his pc and install the app he needed thus saving money and environment.

The other option when someone would like to share his screen with others is using SKYPE. Skype is a popular platform to communicate over internet. I think the word skype is now added to Oxford dictionary. Ex: I will skype you tomorrow 9 PM. Anyways the easiest way to share screen while on a call is to clik the ‘+’ symbol on the skype menu bar and select “Share”. This is the best way when you are trying to give a demo of some product/explain something to a colleague or just having a casual talk on skype.

There are many other options which can be tried apart from Teamviewer and Skype like gotomeeting, logmein, webex, livemeeting but Teamviewer and Skype is all I have used since years and never felt the need of other platforms.

Hope you will use these channels and help reduce pollution on Earth.

Keep watching this space for more! Bye till then.