Lost your smartphone – No worries now Google it.

Yeah today Google revealed a new feature of Google search- “To find your lost phone”.

All you got to do is type “find my phone” in the Google search box. Just that and yes google finds the location of your phone. You can also make it ring from the browser by clicking the “Ring” button. See below picture:

Google your lost phone - Techflames

Google your lost phone

I understand for this to work you need to have logged in to your computer’s browser with the same google account you use on your smartphone. Also your smartphone must be online. Else you cannot make it ring, just can see the last available location.

This would be very handy as I keep forgetting my phone in bathroom, bed, study… Now I can make it ring and find it easily.

I’ve used it and it works like a charm. Let me know what you think!

Google – Being More Appealing and Interesting.

If you use google a lot then you would have seen few changes which are very impressive. Last year came the live suggestions in the search box where google suggests options even before you type the entire sentence that was awesome and now google is giving you very apt answers for all your search queries:

1)      Like if I want to know the time in New York – all I need to do is type in the search box: “time now in new york” and the first thing that comes is the current local time of newyork city.

2)      If I am a research/analyst pro dealing with numbers and need quick math calculation, I can type the entire query in the search box and I get the result along with a ultra light calculator popping up from the serch result. Ex: I type: 25000*(2+3)*2 and then I get the result of this as 250000 which is very correct. Also I see a calculator which is awesome for further mathematical calculations. I hit the clear button and then I start adding up numbers by choosing from the calculator it’s amazing.

3)      For people interested in stocks no need to browse heavy sites to know the stock quote of your favorite company. If I need the stock quote of “Infosys Technologies”, I just type in the search box: Infosys stock price: and there comes a very good intraday chart showing the ups and downs in the stock today.

4)      For people assessing the property rates usually would like to convert the area into their favorite measuring options. Like I would like to know an area of 200 square yard is how many square foots then I go to google search and type: “how many square feet make one square yard”—Google gives me an answer in a very cute control where I can then check for various other numbers. Like I type 200 in yards and quickly I get the answer in foots that it is equivalent to 1800 square feets.

5)      Check out the answers for temperature and you will be glad to see the results: I type “Hyderabad temperature” And I get good looking picture of today’s temperature with the forecast for next 4 days this is awesome.

6)      And finally the doodles oh I love them and the doodle I saw today on the google page for football is a very nice game. Busy working I opened google.com to search for a news and suddenly saw the doodle in the center. Its awesome, you have a play button and it turns out that it’s a small game. You are the goal keeper and you are up against a striker. That is good piece to relax from work. I scored my highest 21 in 3 attempts. Check out how much you can reach to. BTW if you are looking to access all the doodles from Google then go to the site Google Dooles and you can access many such doodles if you missed them.

 Happy Googling. And comment if there is any other feature of Google Search which has impressed you.