Lost your smartphone – No worries now Google it.

Yeah today Google revealed a new feature of Google search- “To find your lost phone”.

All you got to do is type “find my phone” in the Google search box. Just that and yes google finds the location of your phone. You can also make it ring from the browser by clicking the “Ring” button. See below picture:

Google your lost phone - Techflames

Google your lost phone

I understand for this to work you need to have logged in to your computer’s browser with the same google account you use on your smartphone. Also your smartphone must be online. Else you cannot make it ring, just can see the last available location.

This would be very handy as I keep forgetting my phone in bathroom, bed, study… Now I can make it ring and find it easily.

I’ve used it and it works like a charm. Let me know what you think!