Favorite shortcuts in Excel

If you spend half of your day working on excel then I strongly suggest to learn the excel shortcuts. They come very handy when you working on a deadline or just helps in making things faster.Though there are many shortcuts in excel I use these very often to work around in excel. Myself being a heavy excel user, I believe the list of shortcuts I use will be very helpful to everyone. Always when working with “Alt” key in any shortcut combination, the key should be pressed once and released and then the remaining combination should be typed.

  • Ctrl+N—> to add a new workbook
  • Shift+F11–>Add a new sheet.
  • Alt+E+L–> Delete a sheet
  • Alt+D+F+F—> Apply filter in a sheet
  • Alt + Space—> To expand dropdown
  • Ctrl+Tab–>Toggle in open sheets.
  • Ctrl+Pageup+Pagedown—>Toggle between the sheets up and down.
  • Ctrl+Home–> To move cursor to cell a1 in the sheet.
  • Ctrl+Shift+3–> To convert date to a better format.
  • Ctrl+Shift+4—> To convert number to currency format.
  • Shift+Space–> To select row (for column Ctrl+Space)
  • Ctrl+Shift++key—> To add a row or column
  • Ctrl+- key—> To delete a selected row or column
  • Ctrl+L—> To convert data to table (generally I do to format them properly)
  • Ctrl+~ —> to check all formulas in the sheet.
  • Alt+D+L—> Data validation.
  • Ctrl+1—> Get the format menu.
  • Alt+O+H+H–> Hide sheet.
  • Alt+O+H+U—> to unhide sheet.
  • Alt+O+H+R—> Rename a sheet.
  • ALT+E+S+V–> paste only values
  • CTRL+G–Goto Box.

Well there are numerous other shortcuts but these are the most that I use. Let me know what are the one’s which you use in Excel.

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