At Techflames, we help clients with excel automation and development of applications. You can reach us at to get a quote and a draft for your solution. Below are the few scenarios for reference where we helped our clients with automation/development.

Dashboard automation:
Client: A Big IT Consulting Company in India
Background: The FP&A team is responsible for monthly reporting of financials which gets circulated across the leadership and major decisions made based on that. The team gets various financial reports from each SBU, they then get it into a common template to arrive at consolidated dashboard. This takes around 14 hours as there are 12 SBUs.And if any change done to any single report of SBU takes numerous time to adjust that in the dashboard.
Ask: The ask was to write code so that each report received from SBU is cleaned with business logic and appended to a master file which then acts as a central data from which a dynamic dashboard be generated with graphs and pivots. This all to be done in a single click of a button.
Solution: We offered a solution in the form of a macro file which the client saves at his/her desktop. And hits a button “Consolidate” which then prompts for a folder name where all the 12 SBU file are stored. The macro then picks up each file-cleans it-and appends in the master data. After all the files are read and information extracted it creates a dynamic dashboard which shows the p&l, cost analysis, regional metrics, trends and much more. This activity now takes less than 2 minutes for generation of the dashboard and if any SBU changes its report the code has to be run again and in another 2 minutes dashboard with the changes is ready.

ERP for Small Business:
Client: Owner of Calling Cards Store in London.
Background: My client in London runs a store where he sells calling cards and most of his regular customers take it on credit. The clerk in his store had a tough time maintaining the records for each customer with their phone nos., address, amount of sales, payment, total discounts, type of cards, due amount in each card, etc. It was being maintained in excel, he wasn’t able to know on a particular date which customer owes him how much and on which type of card.
Ask: He wanted a clean system which will record all transactions and give a simple view of the amount each customer owes and sales on each type of card. A form to enter all transactions and a way to generate report of his choice.
Solution: A simple system created in Ms-Access which when launched opens up in a clean form which gives option to add a new customer with his details, discount allowed, records sales, takes payment and so on.. And gives access to the owner to see all the reports which can be customized by choosing options from drop downs thus allowing him to control his business effectively.

Let us know if you have any automation/development requirement and we will get back in 24 hours with a plan and duration to build the solution.