Text functions in Ms-Excel: Trim & Clean

Recently, I was working on a data parsing projects and I kind of refreshed all the text function in Ms-excel. Without these functions, I would have spent ages to get my file into correct shape. So I thought of taking some time out and sharing the knowledge.

The first important text function that comes to my mind is Trim. Now trim is a function which lets you remove unwanted spaces in the text. Consider you have a cell and with these text in it ” Hyderabad    the  city of    Nizams”.

Now you see in the above text there are multiple spaces few before the start of the first word and few in the middle so if this text in the cell A1, then I would write a formula in cell like this : =trim(A1)

This would remove the extra spaces from the text and gives a cleaner version. Talking about cleaning–”Clean” is also an important text function which helps you remove unwanted/invisible characters which comes when you download some stuff from the net. It works similar way : =Clean(A1).

This will clean and remove unwanted/invisible characters from the cells. I always recommend a cleaning and trimming of text specially when you are working with parsing data from net.

Will keep writing on many such important functions. Please comment if you like the content and also let me know if any feedback. Until then Bye.

Carry your PC wherever you go with SUGARSYNC online backup

I have landed into situations many times where I wanted to show my friends or colleagues some file or photos but ALAS they were on my home PC. And many times when I wanted my personal files which I didnt save in my email but stored on my PC. Thus in quest of an app which can let me access my pc files from anywhere, I used many technologies. One reliable stuff was “Logmein” what it does is, it lets you take control of your PC like webex and access all files and disks on your computer. But the tough part is that you gotta leave your home pc open and always connected to internet. If there is a power failure or internet disruption you cannot connect to your PC through logmein.com.

The next option I explored was “skydrive” from hotmail. You get it when you create a hotmail account. There is a link to SKYDRIVE on hotmail which lets you create a folder and upload all your files into it. So that whenever, wherever you need those files just login to hotmail and download those easily. Even this system got a problem that I have to pickup files which I need and get into hotmail site and then go and upload these files into folders, which is a kind of pain and If I forget any important file to upload I would then suffer.

This is where SUGARSYNC comes to your rescue. A small app that you download on your PC and select the drives/folder which you want it to backup. It starts silently when you start your pc and does autobackup every minute. So I have now checked my desktop and a folder on “D” drive where I store my files, photos, documents.. I just work on it and then close my computer. Now whenever, wherever I need I just login to sugarsync website, enter my credentials and hurray I get a replica of all my PC folders here. I can access and download files easily now. The other good stuff of SUGARSYNC is that you also have a phone app which can be installed on any smartphone and you can access all the folders from mobile. This is great. I strongly recommend you to check SUGARSYNC you would love it.

Repeat Videos on Youtube

When kolaveri took the country by storm I was also not spared and ever wanted to listen this song. And I being a youtube addict, like to listen it on youtube but the one thing which made me frustrated was that I had to replay the song again and again. I am sure it must have happen with many of you. And now I present the easiest solution for this go to the song on youtube and check the url like for example the kolaveri song has the url as “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR12Z8f1Dh8

Edit the url in the browser and add “repeat” after “youtube” so that the new url read as “http://www.youtuberepeat.com/watch/?v=YR12Z8f1Dh8” hit enter and this will lead you to a different page which will play your song in infinite loops. Donno who this guys are who has made this site but they are doing an awesome job and all praise to them to offer a solution which a site like Youtube doesn’t! LONG LIVE CREATIVITY ! Now I can kolaveri infinitely!

Techflames Official Blog

Hi All

Welcome to official blog of techflames. Here, I intent to offer tips and tricks on various technologies mostly revolving around Microsoft. We will also see the reviews of latest technologies/softwares/website around the world and learn to use them in a more efficient way.

I hope you will have fun along with me in this journey. Do let me know what you think by commenting.

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